I had a day off on Saturday so decided to use my time to look at micro calibrating my lenses as I’d been noticing some softness in images that my AF had been saying were on point..

It’s the first time I’ve looked into doing this;  to be fair l was more than a little daunted at the prospect.

That said I downloaded their FoCal Pro version and set about having a go at calibrating 5 lenses to my main camera by canon EOS5d mkIII. I have to say the whole process was well explained and easy to complete (even for a dinosaur like me!)
As for the results.. 1st class. Every one of my lenses needed some micro adjustment. I did each test twice and the results were consistent after the 1st calibration. It’s reassuring to now know that I am getting the best results possible from the equipment I own.

The image below shows the sharpness of focus using a 50mm 1.4 and using ‘Y’ as the target. Prior to calibration it was hitting ‘U’IMG_4859
I shall now be using the software to calibrate my lenses to my backup EOS5d mkII

I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of the suite which has functions for dust analysis, aperture sharpness and auto focus consistency to name a few.  There is a link here to see the full specification and purchase.


If you keep having issues with soft images I would highly recommend you try these guys..  I’m no techno guru and I found it user friendly.  Great support staff too.


Well done Reikan and thank you for breathing life back into my lenses. I’m looking forward to some creative focusing at Saturdays wedding!


Thanks guys!


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