Ben Cumming - Yorkshire Wedding Photographer


I grew up watching my father direct actors in Film studios, so I think I was always meant to follow him into Television...

However through this experience I learnt how to portray a story and capture emotion visually, which is something I very much incorporate into my photography.

I first picked up a film camera 25 years ago and fell in love with still imagery, then 10 years ago I moved to fully digital.

It was after being repeatedly asked to photograph friend's weddings that my passion for these special days became so much more.


Showing your love story

Sharing someone’s wedding day is a privilege. It’s an intimate experience during which you have the chance to be around two people enjoying one of the happiest days of their lives.

It’s about beginnings. Passion. Romance. Emotion.

Getting to document these moments as images is an honour. It’s my responsibility to reflect that in the final photographs.

Everyone is different, and we all like different styles of photography. We can have soft and floral tones, or dramatic off-camera flash to create those “wow” images that really pop. Some people want their photographs to be more impressionistic and artistic, while others prefer an approach that reflects a dynamic realism.

Your wedding day is all about you: the happy couple. Whatever look you want for your wedding album, I can cater for your needs.

I cover weddings across the whole of Yorkshire in town and cities such as Huddersfield, SheffieldBarnsley, Wakefield as well as Doncaster and my home town of Dewsbury. I also do portrait shoots and mentor other photographers in marketing as well as in my role as a member of the  The Fellowship of Photographers Association.

Ben Cumming - Yorkshire's leading wedding photographer