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Facebook Marketing Training


I hear lots of people say ‘Facebook marketing doesn’t work for me’.

In truth it stopped for me around Covid times too as Facebook changed their strategies in line with iOS14 and a move towards video ads.

Usually when I dig a little deeper its’s more to do with a lack of understanding of how Facebooks Ad Manager and targeting your ads works… 

I’ve gone from nothing to now working full time (70+ weddings next year) all through building my business through Facebook marketing, however this works whatever your genre may be!

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to be selected for Facebooks Marketing trials including their recent push towards video ads. 

I’ve had some absolutely amazing trainers who’ve ripped me to bits and got me to completely re-think my whole strategy.

I’d like to share with you how I do this and invite you to join me on Zoom to run through how I set up and target my ads.  Including how to navigate the dreaded Ad Manager!

The 121’s include Facebook Pixel set up if needed, Ad building & targeting your audience.

We will also make sure you are ready to combat the changes made by Apple through the changes in privacy with IOS14

As a follow up I have a private Facebook Group for past trainees which is proving to be a fantastic place to learn and discuss strategies.

Bookings are on Zoom priced at £100 for the first hour.  If needed follow ups can be booked at £50 per hour

Should you have any questions prior to placing your order please contact me on

07763841641 or

Facebook Marketing Training

Facebook Marketing Training