Bride and Groom at night at Hazlewood Castle

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom at night at Hazlewood Castle

Are you looking for a Hazlewood Castle wedding photographer?

I’m Ben Cumming, a recommended Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer.

I’ve been doing wedding photography across Yorkshire and further afield for over a decade now, and Hazlewood Castle is one of those wedding venues you simply don’t forget.

Given its unique history and Grade I listed status, this is one of my favourites to shoot at.

I hold a PfCO drone licence so it enables me to get you some stunning shots of the castle, as well as something completely different for your group shots and Hazlewood Castle wedding photography.

History of Hazlewood Castle

The history of Hazlewood Castle stretches back a millennium – it was first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086, although at that time it was just a house and chapel. Since that time, the house was owned by the Vavasour family.

Following a heated family feud, the house was burnt down and then rebuilt by Sir William Vavasour in 1293. It was at this time it gained its distinctive fortifications and battlements, making it one of the oldest fortified houses in Yorkshire.

During the 18th century Hazlewood Castle was modernised and turned into a mansion. Since then it has flourished – as a grade I listed building, and more recently as one of Yorkshire’s most successful and beloved wedding venues.

If you’re looking for a stunning, historic setting, you may not have to look any further.

Hazlewood Castle Wedding photography

Hazlewood Castle wedding photography always impresses and comes out beautifully given the beauty of the wedding venue and its environs.

The outstanding masonry, adorned with imposing battlements at the top of the house, point to the centuries of history Hazlewood Castle is steeped in.

The house itself is a stunning backdrop for group shots and portraits – it gives off an unforgettable grandeur to cherish in your wedding photographs.

Hazlewood Castle is set in 77 acres of woodland if you’d like to consider wedding photographs in a natural, intimate setting. As the evening draws in, the way the sunlight pierces the wooded canopy creates a perfect aura for wedding photography.

The grounds are also perfect for that little walk around with the bride and groom to enjoy being Mr & Mrs together. There are also more open parts of the ground for all your guests to take in the beautiful night’s sky.

Wedding photography is an important aspect to consider when selecting a wedding venue.

However, there are many alternatives at Hazlewood Castle to ensure that your special day is recorded in its finest and most authentic form. Natural light is essential for excellent wedding photos, and this wedding venue does not disappoint in this area.

Weddings at Hazlewood Castle

The wedding planners are fantastic, ensuring that all you have to worry about on your special day is having fun. The grounds are beautiful, and they provide plenty of space for drone photos as well as standard group wedding photography.

You can tailor your Hazlewood Castle wedding to your exact preferences. They offer packages for intimate weddings, or if grander occasions are your thing you could opt for the bespoke Castle Wedding Packages. Or you can nestle yourself in Hazlewood Castle’s stunning grounds with the Woodland Wedding Packages.

You’ll be provided with a Hazlewood Castle Wedding Planner who’ll look after you every step of the way, from your initial booking right through to the finer details of the day itself.

Hazlewood Castle is the perfect place for you and your guests to relax on their big day. You’ll be surrounded by expansive, picturesque countryside that can make any special moment feel extra-special with its wonderful scenery.

As a Hazlewood Castle wedding photographer, I love capturing those little details during prenuptial preparations – it’s always so much fun when everyone gets more excited about heading into wedded bliss!

And what better backdrop does one need than some well-mannered English country side? The elegant stone buildings at Hazlewood Castle provide a stunning background before the ceremony.

Having been a wedding photographer for some years now, I can’t think of a more ideal wedding venue than Hazlewood Castle. It has the ideal combination of the old and new – from an historic castle in their picturesque grounds, to modern facilities and fine dining.

Your perfect wedding day at Hazlewood Castle

My Hazlewood Castle wedding photography will capture the magic of the day and give you the chance to relive your wedding day again and again.

I’ll capture your wedding as it unfolds, selecting the best angles for breathtaking wedding photographs as a Hazlewood Castle wedding photographer.

In addition to having a sharp eye for producing your wedding photos – your memorable, beautiful keep sake – I have years of expertise behind the lens. I’m not just some guy shooting weddings; I’ve experienced Hazlewood Castle weddings, events throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

My laid-back, unobtrusive style will assure you feel at ease and can enjoy your big day. Weddings can be overwhelming, and I’d want to help make sure your day goes as seamlessly as possible.

I want to be sure that you are completely happy with my Hazlewood Castle wedding photography, and the beauty of the venue will provide you with a wealth of possibilities.

A bit about me

I have over ten years of experience producing amazing wedding photography. I’ll work on your big day and be able to deliver results that will make your wedding photography unique.

I’ve worked at weddings all over the country, so I have the expertise to document the memories of your Hazlewood Castle wedding ceremony.

My wedding packages

Take a look at the Silver and Gold wedding day photography packages to see what’s included in each one.

If you’re looking for your Hazlewood Castle wedding photography to really shine I’d recommend looking at the gold package.

Normally I’ll arrive in good time to prepare and capture the emotions of all your guests arriving from the wedding ceremony to the party.

Please get in touch with me via my contact details below to find out more about my role as a recommended Hazlewood Castle wedding photographer.

Mobile : 07763841641

Home : 01924 500001

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