A bride and groom jumping in the air in front of a building.

It was a Taylor & Broome thing..

Ok… so here I am blogging again…

I never imagined for a minute that as a wedding photographer I’d get into writing blogs.. but here we are.. brace yourselves for some more ramblings & I will try to give you a little insight into what was an awesome, awesome day!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha and Malcolm about a month ago when we all met up at Kirkstall Abbey to run through the details of their wedding and do a few pre-wedding pictures.

I knew right from the off that this was going to be a fun day as they were both really cool and had some great ideas for the wedding day.   Its lovely to see couples put so much thought into their big day and Sam & Malcolm had certainly done that..  I could tell we were all set for another fantastic Yorkshire Wedding!

I love pre-wedding shoots and would always encourage couples to have one.  I guess it’s kinda strange being photographed all day..?? I know I’d be very self conscious of it if it was me but luckily I get to hide behind my camera 🙂

I think its an important addition to the wedding as it gives everyone a chance to relax and get to know each other a little. Importantly for me it gets the couple used to being in front of my camera and used to posing a little.

I guess if I’m really honest it also prepares you for my naff jokes too :/

As you’ll see from the pics below Sam and Malcolm did great and have definitely given me one of my favourite B&W shots to date…

Engagement shoot | Happy Couple | Getting married

So Thursday 24th August came around quickly….

Mr & Mrs Sign | Just Married

…and my 1st stop of the day was The Mercure Hotel in Bingley where I was due to take pre-pics of the bride getting ready, meet caterpillars and almost ruin surprises…

I know, I know.. :/

I really enjoy Bridal prep pics.  There is always such a buzz in the room as people get ready and the time to set off gets closer and closer… I like to try and capture the mood along with all the little trinkets that are a part of the day to come..  Samantha’s make-up was done by Laura Angel  stunning too.. If you click on her name it will take you to her Instagram page.  Well worth booking ladies.  Very cool ink too!!

Wedding Preparations | Little Details | Wedding Shoes

so Caterpillars…??

I don’t know what it is about me and animals this year but they seem to be a common theme.. whilst doing some pics of the bouquet we noticed we had a little hitchhiker.

We named him Fred :))

Wedding Flowers caterpillar


I cant really blame him for hitching along as the flowers were amazing!  They are from an awesome company called Owl House Flowers well worth a look!

Bride with Wedding Flowers

Ruining surprises..? well almost!  Sam & Malcolm had bought Colin (Sams Dad) a lovely watch with an inscription on the back.. Colin arrived in the bridal suite and I’m like ‘oh hi there let’s get a pic of the watch then…’

tumbleweed moment as he hadn’t been given it yet… major cringe!

I think I rescued it.. kind of.. as when I realised my error I started taking pics of his current watch and rambling on about it being a great shot.. eyes roll emoji..

(whilst cursing myself under my breath)

Thank you for being so cool about it guys… Foot in mouth disease in the Yorkshire dales…


Father of the bride gift


So next stop was East Riddlesden Hall … Wow… what a stunning venue..

The grounds are perfect for photography and the Barn made a lovely rustic setting for the ceremony.  Their staff are amazing too.

Its the 1st time I’ve shot here and they couldn’t have been more helpful (even chipping in with ideas for pictures) Massive, massive thank you guys!!

Wedding Planner Selfie

It was a very emotional start to the ceremony which was heartwarming to see and gave way to a beautiful service.  It’s a privilege to be present when two people share such a special time together.. Loved it!!

Just married | Confetti

Just married | Signing the register

How awesome was the Caricature!! A lovely touch from Duncan Storr!

So next order of the day was the group shots… & more animals…

Nooooooo not the guests!!  They were all lovely 🙂

Wedding Group shot

Mental note though Ben.. when you’re stood on the stepladder and everyone is waiting for the picture to be taken it’s not your chance to tell jokes..

Just take the goddamn picture… (cringe)

Big shout out by the way to Paul Thornton Solo Guitarist who serenaded us though the service and the afternoon.  If you click on his name it will take you to his Facebook page.  Highly recommended and a good bloke too!

Wedding entertainer


We were absolutely spoilt to bits to be entertained by SMJ Falconry.  These birds are such majestic beautiful creatures..  It was awesome to have them there.  I’ve never been so close to birds of prey before so it was great to see them and to be able to get some pics too.


Maybe it was just the excitement of the moment going to my head a little but asking the Groom if he fancied having a picture taken with a big bird on his arm was again not my finest hour..

I wouldn’t mind if it had been meant as a joke either .. foot in mouth disease strikes again :/



Back to the animals!  We were then treated to a fantastic display by SMJ Falconry.

Very tricky to do them justice and catch them in flight but I think I got a few!!

2017-08-30_0015(whilst keeping an eye on the edge of the lake where I’d been asked to stand.  The day I was having for ‘comedy’ moments I could  see where this could easily have gone…)

Next up was the food!  Now my apologies here as normally I’m the first to be one of those annoying types who photographs everything he eats.  On this occasion I didn’t as I was busy trying not to lose the rings I’d been given to photograph…

Wedding rings

…whist also shovelling the most amazing Steak Pie down my neck that was finished off with mash, carrots and cabbage.  The food was provided by The Hog and Apple and trust me it was delish’.

Apologies for not grabbing a ‘selfie’ with my plate and thank you Sam & Malcolm for being so considerate and feeding us such a great meal!

The speeches were great and top marks Nick for the ‘Tinder’ story btw 😉 those who were there will know what I mean!!

Wedding Speeches

As I mentioned before the grounds at East Riddlesden Hall are just beautiful.. so off we popped with Sam & Malcolm to grab some pictures around the grounds.  Here are a couple of sneaky peeks..  I loved the way Sam and Malcolm went straight to their pose too (another good reason to have a pre-wedding photoshoot!)


Bride and Groom Portraits

Thanks you two for just being ace and so much fun to Photograph  🙂

Bride and Groom fun picture

Still giggling from that one…

It never fails to amaze me how quickly the day goes… it really does fly by.. No sooner had we finished the location pictures and it was time to get set up for the cutting of the cake and the 1st dance

Bride and Groom Evening pictures 1st Dance

How amazing was that cake??? Provided by Aunty P’s… I was so tempted to pinch a bit but I refrained..

(progress for Ben!)

I have to give a shout out to the band too Phil Lyons and the New Vintage band these guys were great and as you’ll see from the pics below they had everyone going for it


The last order of the day for us was to eat a chilli dog..

sorry.. I meant to say..

…was to do some twilight shots

(the chilli dog was an awesome bonus though – again my bad as no pics and good luck to the dry cleaners who currently have my suit)

I’d seen a couple of potential spots to do something a little bit different and get some powerful images for Sam and Malcolm.  I think we managed to do just that!  I thought the arrival to the location in the golf buggy was a great idea and hopfully it gave your feet a little rest Sam..

Evening pictures of Bride and Groom

If…. you have made it to here then well done.

I commend you on your resilience and patience.  As a writer I make a great photographer!  I hope my little picture blog has given a little insight but more importantly come close to doing justice to what was truly a wedding to remember.

I wish you all the happiness in the world guys..


Ben x

(and of course Nibbs aka Neil)

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