Bride and Groom Pose at night outside Grantley Hall

Are you looking for a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer?

I’m Ben Cumming, a professional North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer.

I originally started work as a professional wedding photographer covering weddings in Leeds, and since then I’ve moved on to cover weddings in North Yorkshire and beyond, across the county and country.

My work as your wedding photographer

Bride and groom and wedding veil at Grantley Hall

Now, as a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, my work takes me across the county. I have worked at some amazing venues in Huddersfield, Sheffield, Barnsley, Wakefield, Doncaster, and my hometown of Batley.

Bride and groom and wedding veil at Grantley Hall

So you’re engaged and all good to start planning the North Yorkshire wedding you’ve wanted since day one – congratulations!

This is such an exciting time to be a bride or groom, and you have some beautiful options to consider for your special day, including choosing one of the local North Yorkshire wedding photographers.

As seen in wedding blog posts and reviews, one of the most important things couples do during the wedding planning process is to hire a highly confident and capable North Yorkshire wedding photographer to capture their love in photographs.

North Yorkshire Wedding Venues

a woman in a white dress and hat descends a grand wooden staircase in a lavishly decorated vintage room at rushpool hall, with wooden railings and colorful stained glass lamps hanging from the ceiling. the walls are adorned with intricate wallpaper and framed paintings, perfect scenery for any wedding photographer. image of Rushpool Hall by yorkshire wedding photographer ben cumming photography.

Rushpool Hall Wedding Photographer

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Moody Skies at Barden Tower

The Priests House Wedding Photographer

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Bride and Groom on the Stairs at Grantley Hall


You can learn from other married couples and avoid one of the most common wedding regrets of all time by hiring the best Yorkshire wedding photographers at the start.

The importance of good wedding photography

Wedding photography is incredibly important and you deserve high-quality images you can love and cherish for years to come. They will help you remember your special day in North Yorkshire for many years to come.

Your wedding day is perhaps the most significant day in your life. It’s a day you’ll recall for the rest of your life, and you want to savour every moment. However, if something goes wrong with your wedding photos, it might mar the entire experience! That’s why it’s critical to get a great wedding photographer on board before your celebration in North Yorkshire.

A night photoof the bride and groom at Grantley Hall

Whether you’re into destination weddings, large-scale celebrations or more intimate weddings, or you want to visit wedding venues in your backyard, the results of North Yorkshire wedding photography are worth every penny.

Quality Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire

Every husband and wife team can appreciate the incredible results of wedding photography done right. Having someone in charge of telling the story of your wedding through photographs is truly special, but how do you find the right photographer to take on the task?

Well, quality is a big factor when researching North Yorkshire wedding photographers, as you want to choose a photographer who has similar styles to what you like.

If you need more information and inspiration on the kind of wedding photography approach you really appreciate, take a look at a variety of different reviews and portfolios to discover what captures your attention and inspires you and your future husband or wife.

All the best wedding photography businesses should have reviews and other online resources to showcase their offerings and areas of expertise

Wedding Champagne at Grantley Hall

Documentary Photography For Your Special Day

Hiring a photographer based in north North of England allows you to document all the amazing moments of your wedding, no matter where the destination is in North Yorkshire.

Areas like the Yorkshire Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors, and country houses in Thirsk, Northallerton and Leeds are just some of your great options based on local reviews, and the top photographers will have work experience at many wedding venues in these locations.

Not only will you and your fiancé get to embrace such lovely wedding locations and the accompanying photographs, but guests coming up from London and the rest of the UK will surely appreciate a few snapshots of the wedding too.

You can share your favourite photograph or an entire collection on your wedding website or social media page to put a smile on people’s faces long after the actual wedding celebrations are done and dusted.

Bride and Groom on the Balcony at Oulton Hall

The Right Style of Wedding Photography

One of the best things about getting married in the UK now is that there are lots of options for styles to suit your photography preferences and all the locations you choose for your wedding day.

You can take a look at your preferred photographer’s page to see what kind of work they specialise in. The name of the game in modern-day wedding photography is being flexible enough to cater to couples around the UK and produce photography that meets if not exceeds, expectations.

Blog posts showing traditional wedding pictures are a good place to start, and in their reviews, many clients express their happiness with this gorgeous go-to. Consider this if you like the eye-level poses with the wedding party and immediate family for a classic, romantic look.

Other styles to consider

Those charming pictures with you and your loved ones may be all you want, or perhaps aerial shots are something you want to add on.

Another popular style of photography for weddings is dramatic, with high emotions using dark angles, shadows and harsh lines. The light and airy features of fine art photography make for beautiful wedding photography as well.

There are also reportage style wedding photos, which are centred around candid images with fewer poses and more magical moments, all completely natural between the two of you.

While some duos prefer their wedding imagery to focus heavily on the reportage style, others prefer a more mixed approach with a combination of traditional and documentary style imagery.

Your photographer can tell you how they take photos and work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end results.

Matching Photography With Wedding Venues

Another part of wedding photography to think about is making sure you and the photographer are on the same page about venues.

In order to properly tell your story, all aspects of your wedding day should be captured by the photographer, including your arrival at the venue and the accompanying celebrations after you say I do.

The more familiar the photography team is with the local area and your venue, the better, although sometimes it’s fun to explore a new scenery together and find hidden spots for one of a kind pictures of the new husband and wife.

The story of your day can come to life with the right photography setup in place. Your wedding photography will truly shine thanks to accurate planning and scouting by your photographer.

These preparations allow your wedding photographer to find new backdrops and the best lighting to take snapshots of your once in a lifetime love.

It’s a great feeling to hire the best North Yorkshire wedding photographer who shares your excitement and appreciation for your wedding venue.

Finding a Specialist in Shooting Weddings

Out of all the beautiful results, many partners find the best part of their wedding photography is being able to reflect on their story after all the excitement and craziness has died down.

Wedding day images easily become a cherished part of a couple’s new home and life together, and you can look forward to the same thing with the love of your life.

Getting the name of a North Yorkshire wedding photographer recommended by other UK couples is a decent place to start. Oftentimes all you need to do to get more info is reach out to the photography team online for a consultation.

Ahead of the initial conversation, you can take away additional details by reading team reviews from other wedding clients in Leeds and surrounding areas that are high in demand for North Yorkshire weddings.

Just remember that the incredible story of your day deserves to be told by someone who appreciates your love and wants to help you celebrate with exceptional wedding day photography.

Questions to Ask Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

Once you’ve come up with your list of photographers you wish to consult, whether that be just one or a few, it’s a good idea to jot down your questions and ideas for further discussion.

While you may be able to get a lot of your questions answered from blog posts and reviews, there’s no better way to reach your final decision on a UK wedding photographer than to approach a prospective photographer directly with your questions.

Here are a few things you may want to enquire about.

  • How many people are on your photography team?
  • Are all of your photographers experienced in my preferred wedding photography style?
  • Do you have experience in both local and destination weddings?
  • Can you name some of the best wedding venues in North Yorkshire for destination weddings?
  • How many weddings do you do a year?
  • Will you recommend an indoor and outdoor place to get some snaps in between the ceremony and reception?
  • What are the most important details you need to properly capture a wedding day love story?

Your North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Checklist

When it comes time to sign a contract with a North Yorkshire wedding photographer, you need peace of mind that this professional has all the resources in place to bring your wedding day to life behind the camera.

Out of all the wedding photographers in the business, you want to choose the established professionals who have a lot of weddings under their belts.

More experienced wedding photographers are your ticket to an amazing wedding day album you won’t ever want to put down. Keep these items on your checklist to ensure you have found your match in a wedding photographer.

  1. Are they available on your desired wedding date?
  2. Are they familiar with your North Yorkshire wedding venue?
  3. Do they have a large number of testimonials from previous weddings?
  4. Do they make you and your love feel comfortable and at ease?
  5. Have they been prompt, professional and patient thus far in your wedding planning process?
  6. Would you feel comfortable having this person take photos of your significant other, family, friends and other guests at your wedding?
  7. Do you prefer their portfolio work over other wedding photographers? Is there a noticeable difference between their quality and other photographers?

Exploring North Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Weddings are so much fun but also a whole lot of work, and the right wedding photographer should be there to support you along the way.

Do you need help looking for your dream North Yorkshire wedding photographer?

If you need help with your search for a wedding photographer North Yorkshire, look no further than Ben Cumming Photography. As a top contemporary North Yorkshire wedding photographer, we’d love to hear from you using the contact form on our website.

Silver, Gold and Platinum Wedding photography packages

To choose between the Silver or Gold packages for your upcoming wedding day, take a look at them and see what’s included.

The best part is that each picture will be professionally edited and sent back to you in no time.

I genuinely enjoy what I do, and it shows in my work. If you’re searching for wedding photographers, please contact me! On my website, you can discover all of the information you need; simply get in touch with us to begin planning your ideal day.

Natural wedding photography

I’ve been photographing weddings for many years now and I specialize in natural wedding photography, and I can document the unique moments of your big day.

On your big day wedding photography is essential

I can provide you with the assurance you require in your wedding photographer if you’re looking for one that will work closely with you before, during, and after your North Yorkshire wedding day to get the finest results and come away with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Want to know more about my wedding photography?

As a wedding photographer based in Yorkshire and I can come to your wedding ceremony or reception in North Yorkshire at any point. You’ll get the ideal wedding photographs of the bride, groom, and all of your guests on one of the most significant days of your life. If you’re searching for wedding photographers, you’ve come to the right place.

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