Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photographer

Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photographer

Saltmarshe Hall for Wedding Photography

Hello and welcome. I’m Ben Cumming, a professional Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photographer.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you're looking for a wedding photographer, click here to view my wedding packages or you can contact me to check availability.

Whilst I originally started shooting weddings in Leeds, I now travel further afield, including East Yorkshire. I aim to create stunning wedding photographs and record your big day as it unfolds. I have appeared at many venues across Yorkshire, as well as surrounding areas such as Huddersfield, Sheffield, Barnsley and Wakefield to name just a few.

One of my favourite East Yorkshire Wedding Venues is Saltmarshe Hall.

A prominent East Yorkshire choice, the Saltmarshe Hall wedding venue is perfect for your wedding photography. From experience as a Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photographer, I know that planning your big day can be overwhelming.

I encourage you to look through my photos to see if I can tick off at least one thing from your list!

Your wedding ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime event and a Saltmarshe Hall wedding is a fitting way to celebrate

Your wedding ceremony and celebration is one of the most special and intimate days of your lives. My aim is to document your day, allowing you to be taken back there every time you look at your wedding photographs.

At any Saltmarshe Hall wedding, I will capture all the little details that made your day so special, making those memories live on forever…

East Yorkshire Wedding photographer

Some of the venues I’m recommended to produce stunning wedding photography for:

Waterton Park

Oulton Hall

The Manor House Lindley

Goldsborough Hall

Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photographer

What to expect from your wedding photography in East Yorkshire

We will kick off proceedings with a meeting. This allows us to discuss your expectations and preferences.

If you don’t have any preferences, then that’s fine too. We can explore styles of photography to find your taste.

My job is to tell the story of your big day, all through the art of wedding photographs.

I’ll capture all the lovely moments from your day.

From the pride of the father of the bride walking you down the aisle to the smiling tears at the ceremony.

Friends jostling to get their picture of you cutting the cake to the laughter at the wedding speeches.

I will be there to capture it all.

On top of these beautiful moments, I’ll make sure to snap your beautiful venue too so you can always remember your wedding day exactly how it looked.

Camera shy? We can have a try out with a pre-wedding shoot.

Everyone is different. Some people love the experience of being photographed, whilst others need some persuading (only a little).

I want your experience to be the best it can be. I want you both to be as comfortable as you can be.

This is why I encourage a pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot to see how I work as a Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photographer.

If you’d prefer to have a look at my wedding photography before getting in touch, head over to my gallery!

I’ve kept a portfolio of my best wedding photography so you know exactly what you’re getting with one of the most distinguished wedding photographers in East Yorkshire.

A bit about me

I have over ten years of experience producing amazing wedding photography. I’ll work on your big day and be able to deliver results that will make your wedding photography unique.

I’ve worked at weddings all over the country, so I have the expertise to document the memories of your Saltmarshe Hall wedding ceremony and celebration.

My wedding packages

Take a look at the Silver and Gold wedding day photography packages to see what’s included in each one.

If you’re looking for your Saltmarshe Hall wedding photography to really shine I’d recommend looking at the gold package.

Typically I’ll arrive in good time to prepare and capture the emotions of all your guests arriving from the wedding ceremony to the party.

Please get in touch with me via my contact details below to find out more about my wedding photography.

Let’s chat about your special day!

I would love to hear more about your upcoming special day at Saltmarshe Hall. I’ve been doing wedding photography for over a decade, and as one of the leading East Yorkshire wedding photographers known for gorgeous contemporary portraits, I will help turn your Saltmarshe Hall wedding ideas into reality.

I have won a number of industry awards for my wedding photography. I also work as a family photographer and portrait photographer in East Yorkshire. I aim to bring this expertise to your celebration and to create stunning wedding photographs that will last a lifetime.

To kick things off with your wedding photography, please feel free to get in touch with me. Even if you haven’t yet set your wedding date, it’s a good idea to talk over your vision for the day. It would be great to meet you both and talk about your big day and my work as a Saltmarshe Hall wedding photography specialist.

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