Silhouette of two men kissing in front of a red light, featuring Shaun & Chris.

Shaun & Chris .. The Beast from the East!

Ok so I travelled west for this one! That’s not to say I was the beast from the east however… or at least I hope not! p.s that’s also the bad joke out the way so read on ūüėČ

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Gisburn is a really special place for me for my own personal reasons.¬† It’s a lovely part of the world and the people there are amazing.¬† It’s also the first wedding I’ve had outside of Yorkshire so I’m really pleased it was here!!

I’d been over to meet Chris and Shaun in February to catch up and run through the plans for their wedding.¬† We met at their venue Stirk House over in Gisburn.

Chris and Shaun were obviously going to be nothing but fun.  That was clear from the moment we all met up.  One of my friends Peter Anslow of Peter Anslow  Photography is a regular here and filled me in with some really helpful tips (thanks Peter!!)

Here are a couple of pics from their pre-wedding shoot

Engagement shoot Stirk House Ben Cumming Photography

So Beast from the East??? In the week leading up to the wedding I really started to panic with us getting some of the worst weather the country has had in years.¬† I started to really have my doubts if I’d even make it at all.¬† Not to be out done I loaded the car early and had the tyre socks in the the boot just in case.. and… no issue on the roads at all lol.¬† Fair to say it was a really pleasant drive over with no traffic.. typical!

Obviously I got to the wedding really early and pulled up in time to see the lads having a cheeky vape..

One thing I’ve gotta say about these two guys is they have some style… as you’ll see from some of the wedding preparation shots below.

Wedding Rings Wedding Shoes Wedding Suits Ben Cumming Photography

Wedding Preparations at Stirk House by Ben Cumming Photography

So onto the wedding.¬† Lovely little touch as the guys walked in with their two Frenchies¬† Luna and Franc and whilst not quite, they almost stole the show.¬† Franc has just recently undergone spinal surgery which we’re all delighted to know has gone really well!¬† Especially his sister Luna!

Stirk House wedding room Ben Cumming Photography

Chris & Shaun Wedding Shoot Stirk House Wedding Ceremony Ben Cumming Photography.jpg.jpg

Now traditionally we’d normally have moved onto group shots here but Shaun & Chris were aware it was -10 with the wind chill so we just did come confetti and they were then brave enough to have a little walk around for me to capture some portraits.

Just Married Confetti Ben Cumming Photography

The Grooms Wedding portraits Ben Cumming Photography

Big thanks to the guys for providing me with a fabulous meal which whilst never asked for is always very much welcomed due to the length of a wedding day shoot.  Their wedding breakfast was held in this amazing room!!

Wedding Venue Wedding Breakfast Decorations Ben Cumming Photography

Grooms Silhouette Ben Cumming Photography

So every now and then at weddings there is a fight… this is the first time I’ve ever photographed one in a boxing ring though!!

Chris & Shaun Wedding Shoot Stirk House Wedding Venue Boxing Ben Cumming Photography.jpg

I’m pleased to say it was all good fun this time and no grooms were hurt !!

All that was left to do was the first dance and then the incredibly brave lads ventured out again into the blistering cold to have a few end of night shots done.

The First dance Ben Cumming photography

The Wedding Tree Stirk House Ben Cumming Photography

So the guys are currently sunning themselves and celeb spotting on their honeymoon in the states.  I may have to un-follow them on Facebook for a while due to the amount of disgustingly awesome looking food pics they are currently posting.

Chris and Shaun (my first lancashire wedding!) it was a privilege to be a part of your day and to capture it for you.¬†Stirk House¬†thank you for making me so welcome.¬† I can’t wait to come back!

Ben   x




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