Groom watches Bride walk down the aisle at the Priests House Barden Tower

The Benefits Of Hiring A 2nd Photographer For Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be filled with many beautiful moments. While one photographer is normally sufficient, having a 2nd shooter on hand can open the door to many unique photo opportunities.

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Groom sees bride walking down the aisle at Rudding Park

Having an extra photographer on hand allows your primary Yorkshire Wedding Photographer to focus their full attention on the more important moments as well as the posed, traditional photos that are requested by the couple. An additional wedding photographer will prove to have multiple advantages.

I only work with professional photographers who have often shot with me numerous times and know exactly what I aim to deliver to my clients.  This helps to provide consistency with my final galleries.

Different Angles, Same Picture

Bride and her Bridesmaids at Rudding Park

Two photographers will allow you to get two different angles for the same picture. Sometimes a different perspective can completely change the mood of a picture. It’s also an excellent way to photograph the actual ceremony from the front and back of the altar. Different angles allow you to capture both the bride’s and groom’s reactions during the most precious moments of the day.

Coverage for Both Bride and Groom During Prep

Groomsmen on the sofa at Hazlewood Castle

When you only have one photographer at your disposal, it can make it quite difficult for them to catch every aspect of your special day. Most couples would like to have the preparations for both the bride and groom photographed.

This can be difficult if the preparations are taking place at two different locations. Having a second photographer available allows you to take pictures at both locations, so nothing is missed.

An Abundance of Candid Photos

Candid photo of Bride and Groom

Two photographers at a wedding mean twice the photos of family, friends, and guests. Group photos of tables, the venue itself, photos of the dance floor, and snapshots of the decorations will fill out your wedding book nicely. It’s the candid photos, however, that split-second, spur-of-the-moment photos that will capture the joy and beauty of your special day. Candid photos of your guests are some of the most expressive photos you will ever take.

An Extra Hand

photographer’s assistant can keep things moving smoothly. From carrying equipment to setting up staged shots, an assistant can also help with the camera duties if you need a 2nd shooter for a large wedding or other events.

An assistant can also help with clothing changes, adjustments to lighting, and capturing the attention of an unruly child. The extra hand is quite useful at the end of the day when carrying the equipment back to the studio seems like a never-ending task.

The Groomsmens suits at Oulton Hall

A Security Blanket

With a second photographer on hand, you will be covered if something unexpected happens. Nothing can throw off your day like your car breaking down or a camera malfunctioning. They can take over while you make the necessary repairs or find an alternative form of transportation.

Two photographers working together can make an incredible team when it comes to producing quality pictures. They can also back each other up and provide support when things don’t go as planned. Hiring an additional photographer along with Ben Cumming Photography assures that all of your special moments will be captured.

The Second Set of Eyes to Catch Unexpected Moments

Having a second set of eyes is beneficial if you want to catch more of the unexpected moments between the guests at a wedding. Children playing, a father watching his daughter, a mother and grandchild, sharing a tender moment are all beautiful opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime photos.

Groom's first look of the bride at night at Rudding Park

If you only have one photographer, many of these moments may go unnoticed. With a second photographer on hand, you are able to double the number of photos the couple will receive photographs that show their friends and family as they truly are.

People Tend to Focus on the Primary Photographer

As a photographer, you are often the centre of attention, no matter how hard you try to remain in the shadows. I know that when people are focusing on where he is, they will lose track of where the second photographer is.

This gives them a chance to capture more of the relaxed, candid moments the guests are sharing. They are able to move more freely among the guests and capture the fun and laughter of people genuinely enjoying themselves.

The Grooms speech at Oulton Hall

2nd Shooter could be well worth the additional cost, especially if you are having a large wedding. Obtaining multiple angles of similar shots and an abundance of candid photos will allow for hours of enjoyment when a couple wanders down memory lane several years in the future. It will also give them a truer picture of their wedding day and the love that was shared between everyone who was in attendance.

Bride and Groom Share a moment at the Manor House Lindley

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