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My name is Ben Cumming. I am a Priests House wedding photographer. I have worked throughout the North Yorkshire area for over ten years. The weddings that are held at the Priests House are always well organized and extremely impressive. As you will know, the beauty of the venue and the Yorkshire countryside is second to none.



Drone Wedding Photo of two brides at Barden Tower

The Priests House sits in close proximity to Barden Tower and offers an exquisite view of the countryside. The venue is rich in history. Romance and charm are abundant throughout the entire venue. No matter where you go on the property, you will find beauty and grace that is centuries old. As a qualified aerial photographer, I am able to get magnificent images from almost every angle to capture all of the intricacies of both the Tower and the House.

North Yorkshire Weddings Are Amazingly Beautiful!

Bride and Groom first dance by Barden Tower

North Yorkshire wedding ceremonies are amazingly beautiful no matter where they are held. One of my favourite venues is The Priests House. It is one of many beautiful wedding venues throughout the entire Yorkshire area. Its rich history and beautiful décor make it a favourite among brides and bridesmaids who want the finest of everything to be perfect. I am honoured to be able to do wedding photography at this exceptional venue.

The History of The Priests House

The construction of Barden Tower was the work of the Shepherd Lord from 1485 to 1536. At that time, the Chapel and The Priests House had already been completed. The Tower, Chapel, and The Priests House were captured in 1536 through the Pilgrimage of Grace. The property was returned to its rightful owner, Lady Ann Clifford, in the early 1600s.

After Lady Clifford’s passing, her heirs neglected the property. The Priests House along with the rest of the property eventually ended up in the hands of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. The Chapel was eventually restored as well in 2016. The Priests House has been restored to much of its former glory and, for the last several years, has been used to help couples create their own magical fairy tale wedding stories.

Weddings at The Priests House

Bride and Groom exchange rings at the Priests House Barden Tower

The staff at The Priests House are amazingly talented and will do everything possible to make your wedding ceremony everything you ever hoped it would be. The staff has many years of experience in creating the things that beautiful memories are made of.

Wedding Photo of Bride with her Best Men at The Priests House

Through the years, the staff has learned many things that they can use to make your wedding as unique as you are. From the time you walk down the aisle until the last toast, everything will be taken care of.

Wedding Breakfast at the Priests House

With the old Chapel being fully restored, you have access to the entire property and can choose the rooms or areas where you would like your ceremony to be held. The Oak Room and Stargazers’ Room are both exquisite options. There are many beautiful areas on the property for your posed portraits as well as photos of your family and friends as well.

Bride and Groom with the veil at the Priests House Barden Tower

As a Barden Tower wedding photographer, I have seen the staff at The Priests House do amazing things! They are highly organized and work like a well-oiled machine. With them on hand to assist with your wedding plans, I can promise you that your wedding day will be stress-free and as beautiful as you are!

The Priests House Wedding Packages

The Priests House has several wedding packages for you to choose from. The staff is very proficient when it comes to hosting weddings and other events. They will be able to provide you with all of the necessary amenities that you will need. They truly think of everything and will leave nothing to chance. Intimate weddings are their speciality.

Groom watches Bride walk down the aisle at the Priests House Barden Tower

Catering for up to 77 guests is available and you have the option of spending the night in the Barden Barn. The Barn accommodates up to 20 guests. The next morning breakfast will be included. Every package that The Priests House offers is unique and will put the perfect added touch to your day.

The Priests House Wedding Photography

The Priest House wedding photography produces beautiful portraits, be they posed or natural, you will never cease to be amazed. My Priests House wedding photography will capture all of your beauty and style, which will dramatically enhance your surroundings.

Your wedding story will contain glimpses of the future while being surrounded by the wonderful history of the past. With my drone and handheld cameras, I will be able to capture all of the best shots from multiple angles.

I am a stickler for details. My many years of experience will allow me to see the subtleties that other Yorkshire wedding photographers may miss. I’m very laid back. It takes a lot to break my calm demeanour.

I am the photographer for those who don’t like the camera. I can put you at ease and allow you to be yourself. No stress. No worries. Just me behind my lens focusing on the shots that you capture your cherished memories.

As your Priests House wedding photographer, I will do my best to ease your stress and at the same time, capture as many moments as I can to fully document your wedding. I will also be including cameos of the Priests House so you can remember how everything looked for your day of days.

Hello! My Name is Ben Cumming!

Bride and Groom Pose Barden Tower and The Priests House

I thoroughly love my job as a North Yorkshire wedding photographer! It is my passion! I have over 10 years of experience behind the camera. During those many years, I have had the pleasure and honour of being able to shoot weddings in some of the most beautiful and historic venues. The Priests House is one of my absolute favourites!

Being able to be a photographer at the Priests House has been amazing. Its rich history can be seen in every corner and at every turn. Looking out at the vast Yorkshire dales countryside, it is easy to imagine centuries of history being played out before your eyes.

I take great pride in being asked to photograph many of these historic locations. When they are used as wedding venues, it’s like the wisdom of the past looking over to the innocence of a future unknown.

As you embark on your new journey as husband and wife, it is my hope that the images I create will remind you of a moment stopped in time where past met present and two hearts became one.

My Wedding Packages

My wedding packages are meant to provide you with exactly what you are looking for in wedding photography. My Silver and Gold packages are both very popular. View them carefully and become familiar with what is included in each one. My recommendation for the Priests House is the Gold package. This offers you the most options and provides coverage for the entire day from start to finish.

I always arrive early depending on how much preparation will be needed for Priests House photography. My drone will be at the ready as well. This will also ensure that I get photos of your guests as they begin to arrive as well as any other photos you would want me to take.

The beauty of photography is being able to capture emotion and the split-second glances between the bride and groom. From your wedding to the reception and beyond, my purpose is to document as much as possible so that no element of your epic love story is left out.

Silver Collection

This includes:

  • Full consultation of your day
  • Drone photography
  • Twilight-style shoot
  • Access to my online gallery
  • Approximately 350+ edited images
  • Images via an instant digital download

Gold Collection

  • Full coverage of your wedding day
  • Full consultation of your day
  • Drone photography
  • Twilight-style shoot
  • Access to the online gallery
  • Approximately 450+ edited images
  • Images via an instant digital download
  • 25cm x 25cm Album box set with approximately 60 images

Platinum Collection

  • Full coverage of your day
  • Pre-wedding shoot
  • Two photographers
  • Full consultation of your wedding day
  • Drone photography
  • Twilight-style shoot
  • Access to the online gallery
  • Approximately 700+ edited images
  • Images via instant digital download
  • 30cm x 30 cm Album box set with approximately 80 images

Contact Me

Bride and Groom Drone Shot at the Priests House Barden Tower

Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you have any questions about the Priests House or my role as Priests House wedding photographer. I would be truly honoured if I was the one chosen to create your Priests House Wedding Album. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly being able to put your wedding on my calendar!

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