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What would you expect to pay for an experienced wedding photographer?

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As an experienced Yorkshire wedding photographer, I am often asked why it costs so much for my services. They see me walking around, camera in hand, taking pictures and taking candid photos of guests and the newly married couple. There is so much more to what I do than simply pushing a button and clicking a shutter. What you see me doing at the wedding is sometimes the easiest part of my job.

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A day in the life of a wedding photographer can mean long hours at the computer editing and organizing photos or putting together lists upon lists of possible photos and props that I may need to use. From the minute you book me for your wedding, I am beginning to plan for your big day.

Why Does Wedding Photography Cost What It Does?

As Ben Cumming, wedding photographer, I normally charge between £1400 and £2500 for a full day wedding. One of the main factors that go into the cost of photographing a wedding is the length of time I spend at your event. There are times when I may be at your wedding and reception for ten to twelve hours. This makes for a very long day. You have to remember that while I am at work, I’m rarely able to sit down. I am constantly moving in an attempt to capture as much of your special day as possible.

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In addition to the amount of time I spend, you also need to think about the number of photographs that are taken throughout the day. In order to provide you with 500 plus finished images, I need to take thousands of photos. This makes for many hours of selecting and editing and also several hours of time creating your wedding album.

What Goes Into the Cost of a Wedding Photographer?


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A professional wedding photographer not only brings a wealth of knowledge to draw from, but they also have many pieces of equipment to buy and maintain as well as develop their skills through training. Cameras, tripods, filters, and lenses are only the tip of the iceberg. Quality photography equipment is not cheap. Having high-quality equipment ensures that we have what we need to produce the best possible images. Training courses and mentoring for photographers cost thousands of pounds and are something that is an ongoing process as new trends and techniques emerge.

As an experienced wedding photographer, I may need travel expenses especially if I have to travel more than an hour or two to get to the wedding destination. It’s important that I am able to travel with my equipment as safely as possible. I take as many precautions as necessary to ensure that all of my equipment is in good condition. My goal is to make sure every photo I take of your special day is as beautiful as possible.

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A key skill as a wedding photographer is their ability to connect with people. Putting the bride and groom at ease, working with guests if there are any group shots and blending in with the wedding day. The photographer needs to plan for the day and anticipate things like bad weather, where to take couple portraits, aligning their plans with the event co-ordinator on the day. There is so much that goes into wedding photography that, at first glance, isn’t obvious unless something goes wrong and then mistakes are easy to see!

Overall, the value of a wedding photographer is in their ability to take stunning images, capture special moments and always be there at the right time. This is priceless and makes the difference between an amateur taking your wedding photos and a professional creating memorable images that you can look back on in years to come.

Hire Cheap and Pay More Than You Might Expect


Many couples try to save a few pounds when hiring a wedding photographer. While there are rare occasions in which this type of scenario actually works out, more often than not, it will spell disaster. An inexperienced wedding photographer may not have the skills or the “eye” to capture the best images. They may use the wrong lens or not have sufficient lighting. If they are unfamiliar with balance, you may end up with several very lopsided photos.

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An experienced photographer understands all of those elements and more. An inexperienced photographer that charges you a fraction of what an experienced photographer does may end up costing you all of the memories of your most beautiful day of days. Even if you can gather photos that your guests may have taken, they won’t be the professional ones you had paid for. Hiring the wrong photographer may rob you of the joy of being able to cherish the special moments of your wedding day.

The Value of a Good Photographer

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There are many benefits of hiring a good photographer. When you find a photographer you like, you know that you will be getting wedding photos from someone who is passionate about what they do. The right photographer understands what you want and can use their creative eye to bring those images to life.

A good photographer is able to tell your story using both traditional shots as well as candids. They are able to capture the pure emotion of the day and save it so that it can remind you of the day you started out on your wedding journey. It’s these beautiful images that will make you glad that you spent the money to hire a photographer with many years of experience.

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