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Are you looking for a Yorkshire Portrait Photographer?

I’m Ben Cumming – a contemporary portrait photographer based at Woodroyd Studios in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. I provide pet, family, headshot and fine art portrait photography.

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I’ve written this guide on how to find the best Yorkshire portrait photographer – whether you are looking for a family portrait, pet portrait or headshot portrait for your work or business. Portraits are powerful and can capture a wide range of subjects and settings. Some people are more excited to get in front of a camera, while others are a bit shy, and that’s perfectly fine. As a Yorkshire portrait photographer, I work with people of all ages to achieve their portrait goals, whether family photography, event photography or ahead of your wedding day.

If you’re interested in having your photos taken by an experienced, engaging portrait photographer, you’re in luck, as Yorkshire has some of the UK’s leading event photography studios. Whatever the occasion, you can look forward to an enjoyable photoshoot with a leading portrait photographer by your side.

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Premium Portrait Photography in Yorkshire

Portraits have been around for centuries in the form of classical artwork, although through photography, they have become more common for people from all walks of life. Every person is unique, which makes for an incredible range of photo possibilities thanks to creative and imaginative photographers. Portrait photography is essential for documenting different stages of life and giving people greater confidence to be themselves and recognise their qualities. A portrait can tell you a lot about a person; the closer you look, the more you learn.

Female portrait sat on a stool

Yorkshire is filled with so many amazing people and stories, so it only makes sense that portrait photographers have so much to work in this region. The historic county in Northern England has deep valleys and lush forests, beautiful countryside and stunning coastlines, and lovely little towns like Leeds or Harrogate that are perfect for Yorkshire portraits and make it unique. Portrait photographers pick awesome backdrops that showcase the scenery and make their subjects shine in beautiful natural light. Having access to such high-quality photography is especially exciting in Yorkshire, where the options for photo shoots never end.

Benefits of Professional Portraits

You’re not alone if you’re on the fence about using a professional photography service because it’s your first time or feeling camera-shy. However, people who do decide to get their portraits done rarely regret it because the process and the results are unique. A portraiture session is more fun than you may think, even if you’re not used to having your photo taken, or you prefer to be behind the scenes. This is a unique opportunity for you to try something new and watch as the photographer works their magic to produce impressive portraits in Leeds, Harrogate, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and beyond.

Portrait of a man in a leather chair

The advantages of hiring a professional photographer include knowing the investment of your time and money will be worth it, as well as having the guidance of a knowledgeable industry expert. You may not feel completely natural with the camera on you, but your photographer’s job is to help you navigate this process and become more comfortable and free as time goes on. Being yourself in front of the camera may take a few tries, but once you get there, the results are remarkable.

Maternity Portrait

Yorkshire Pet Portrait Photographer

You’d be surprised with how well your pet portrait photos can turn out, particularly with the support of a professional Yorkshire photographer with the technical ability to set up terrific shots and use editing software to finalise your photo gallery or album prints.

Basset Hound Portrait in a chair

Different Portrait Types and Backgrounds

Yorkshire’s best portrait photographers work with a range of clients including families, individuals, professionals, sportspeople and actors. The more work they have in their portfolio, the better so that you can get a good idea of what your portraits could look like and how to achieve the best results. Every person may want something slightly different out of their portraits, and the photographer may have specific goals in mind too. Whether it’s capturing a gorgeous personality for the best lighting or generating a smile from your little ones for the signature family shot, your photographer should be up for the challenge.

Female Portrait in studio

There is an array of portrait types and backgrounds to inspire your next photoshoot. Sometimes you may have a firm idea of what kind of portraits you want, and in other cases, you may want the expert portrait and event photographer to set it all up so you can just follow their lead and smile. Here are just a few of the possibilities for Yorkshire area portrait photography: Capturing your dog relaxing for a Portrait is something you could treasure forever.

Portrait of a dog in an armchair
  • Traditional/formal portraits – commonly shot in a studio or with photography backdrops and lighting. Often used for corporate, solo or small group sessions.
  • Lifestyle portraits – these are more laidback and casual than formal portraits, showing subjects doing everyday activities and giving a glimpse into their normal life. This may include children playing or family group hugs.
  • Candid portraits – more similar to lifestyle portraits, candids are natural images without strict posing and positioning. Street portraits are some of the most common candid portraits, which may capture a fleeting moment of pleasure when enjoying a snack or reconnecting with a loved one.
  • Pet photography – focused on your beloved pet, these portraits capture the special relationship you have with them allowing you to enjoy beautiful prints of all of your memories.
  • Close-up portraits – as the name suggests, these portraits zoom in on the facial features and capture a person’s eyes, nose and smile. They may be captured along with traditional or lifestyle portraits.
  • Fine art portraits – freedom of expression is on full display with fine art photographs, which are more suited to an art gallery or business than a family home. This style of portrait photography includes posing, stylistic references to other art genres and heavier editing than a traditional family shoot.
  • Wedding photography – Natural wedding photography is similar to the term “natural portrait” when it comes to artistic content. Will capture distinctive events with the ability to produce artful photos. Works before or on your wedding day and can create one-of-a-kind pictures.
Female portrait with Rembrandt lighting

Finding the Right Yorkshire Portrait Photographer

Every UK portrait and family photographer has to start somewhere, and there are always amateur North Yorkshire photographers who need to gain experience behind the lens by snapping portraits and organising shoots. The more experienced your portrait photographer is, the more likely you will get high-quality images for family portrait photography and model portfolios. A lot of people recognise the benefits of hiring a seasoned professional for big portrait shoots such as family sessions with parents and young children or corporate headshots. It’s money well spent when you see the final images you can enjoy for years to come.

Guy in a tuxedo Portrait

I use my experience in wedding photography to create unique photographs of unforgettable memories for a lifetime by using creative angles to produce remarkable images of your past. I provide natural wedding photography as well as group photos and portraits that are stylish.

Award-winning Portrait Photography Service

In terms of finding a portrait photographer to work with, it’s important to look for someone who shares your values and makes you feel comfortable. Looking at online portfolios and asking people you know for recommendations on family portrait photography or a wedding photographer can help. If you see portraits that inspire you, and you are intrigued by the option to do a similar shoot, then getting in touch with the photographer is a good place to start. It’s okay to chat with a few photographers to see who best suits your situation and expectations. Consider budget, timeline and delivery options too, so you can make sure your photos will be provided in the desired format.

Maternity couple portrait

Preparing for a Portrait Photography Session

Once you’ve decided on your portrait session, it’s time to get ready to be the centre of attention. If it’s a solo shoot, all the focus will be on you, so make sure you look your best on the day. These photos will last forever, and you want to wear an outfit you will be happy looking at long after the shoot. If styling your hair and wearing makeup are important to you, then make sure you prioritise these things in preparation for your portrait shoot.

Family Portrait of a mother and two daughters

Being Comfortable on Camera

If it’s your first portrait shoot or you are doing a group session with little ones, your photographer should answer any of your questions ahead of time. They can provide further clarification during your consultation so that you know what to expect. Even when it’s time to get started, your photographer will be there to help every step of the way, explaining how to pose or where to stand so they can capture the best portraits possible. For lifestyle portraits, the photographer will encourage you to be yourself and loosen up in front of the camera so the images can be as realistic as possible.

Female Headshot

Exploring Your Yorkshire Portrait Photography Options

Are you ready to cross a professional portrait session off your bucket list? Do you have an upcoming occasion or anniversary you want to commemorate with high-detail portraits? Contact Ben Cumming Photography to learn more about Yorkshire’s leading contemporary portrait and professional wedding photographer.

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